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Celebrating the Beginning


Last week, Christian Living Communities marked its 47th anniversary as the organization celebrated Founders Day with birthday cake and a luncheon for friends, board members, leadership and others who have invested in the mission of the organization.

Christian Living Communities first community, what is now known as Clermont Park, held its dedication on May 7, 1972, and the next day began offering love, respect and compassion to older adults in Denver as the first residents moved in.

“This tradition of ‘caring for our own’ AND of ministry to others continues to be the dream of the people behind Christian Living (Communities). The vision has not changed, nor has the dream yet been fulfilled. As Christian Living (Communities) grows and expands in the coming years, the dream may come closer to fulfillment.”

Those were the words on the 20th Anniversary of the organization, of Elmer Houtsma, the first Nursing Home Administrator for The University Hills Christian Nursing Home, now part of Clermont Park and the birthplace of Christian Living Communities.

You can learn more about our history here!