“Every day I am motivated to go to work, knowing that I am appreciated and that we are all after the same goal.” Taylor Park, Housekeeper
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To feel valued?



Part of a team?

You have come to the right place!

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Feel valued for your important work

“There is super communication between nurses and the whole department.  Everyone is willing to help, which encourages you to want to do more because you feel valued.” – Junior Kakembo, RSA

Grow in every imaginable way

“You can be yourself and your gifts and talents will be utilized here. If there is an opportunity to grow, just ask and the leaders will try to make it a reality.” – Andrew Sharp, Director of Community Life

Experience accountability in action

“Christian Living Communities has trusted me with the opportunity to take care of the residents. It means a lot to me. It makes me so happy that they don’t doubt me.” – Tracy Cook, Certified Nursing AssistantI am proud to work here.

“I have grown so much over the past 33 years and it has been easy. You have the freedom to do your job, to be creative and innovative.” Jim Kok, Executive Director-Chaplain Services

Make a difference every single day

“The work we do has purpose. Even if there is a challenging day here and there, you leave knowing you did something great!” – Stormie Foust, Administrative Coordinator

Work at a place that feels like home

“I don’t feel like I am going to work each day. I feel like I am visiting family, like I have 100 grandparents. Coworkers are not just coworkers; you get to know them on a personal level, and they become family.” – Tiana Bezzant, Sales Counselor

Thrive in a culture full of team spirit

“You never feel like you are out on your own. Everyone wants to see everyone else succeed and grow.” Kendra McClister, Assisted AL Director, LPN

I am proud to work here. It is a new challenge every day, and I get to put a smile on the residents’ faces. It is easy because everyone has an all hands-on deck attitude.” – Adolfo Marquez, Maintenance

It’s different here.

Imagine you had the support you need.
From your boss. Your co-workers. Your company.

Imagine that support helping you to succeed, grow and thrive.

It’s not hard to imagine, it’s the CLC way!

caregiver and senior enjoying smiles
Passion Beyond a Paycheck

Stop hoping and dreaming that things could be better at your current job!

Come work for an innovative leader in the field of senior living that “gets it”.

“As a CNA, I have a voice. I feel empowered to care for each resident individually. I help them live their best life.” Tracey Cook, Certified Nurse Assistant
caregiver and smiling senior
About Us

As a not-for-profit organization, we know it’s about more than just money. We make decisions that support our culture, knowing that those decisions will keep us in business and growing. We’re not a big box company and as Tiana one of our Sales Counselors shared, “We know what we are doing and how to do it right!”

At CLC, we make people feel worthy, enriching the lives of both residents and staff. Nowhere else would you find an employee like Junior who feels, “As a CNA, I’m impressed someone is always willing to help and that there is super communication to make sure the residents are happy.”

“Our team members have huge hearts, live our values, are given freedom to do their jobs effectively, and are made to feel like true members of the team.” Olivia Mayer, Director of Donor Relations

“Benefits that will Rock You” Practices that provide money in your pocket
Referral Bonus
Our most effective recruitment practice. Up to $500 to the current team member who refers a new team member. Unlimited for all positions – all team members eligible; paid in increments over 6 months.
Mentor Bonus
Paid to nursing mentors; $300 – 500 over the course of a year in increments following completion of mentor and mentee evaluations.
Rewards and Recognition
CLC puts high priority on Recognizing and Rewarding our team members with a range of programs including our state of the art online platform with customized Reward options allowing team members to earn points for service anniversaries and when they are recognized for a job well done or going above and beyond. They can then spend those earned points from a catalog of thousands of items and gift cards, offering a completely personalized experience.
Low cost access to primary care.
A financial platform that offers team members instantly access to 50% or up to $500 their net earned wages instantly for a flat $5 fee in the pay period used. Free to enroll, no payday loans, no credit check.
Scholarship & Tuition Reimbursement.
Generous resident sponsored funds available to further your education.
Employee Assistance Program.
Free professional services and assistance to help you with all areas of your life.
Benefits You’d Expect to Find

  • Generous Employer Paid Health Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (with match)
  • Retirement (with match)
  • Dental, Vision, Disability & Life Insurance
  • Paid Time Off plan designed to use how you want to

Team Members are Proud to Work at CLC!

”I have been here 12 years and I am excited to come to work every day. Christian Living Communities is pretty darn near perfect!  We are constantly improving as an organization and as ourselves.” – Jan Franken, Billing Director

clown face
Caretaker from clermont park and senior
What’s on Your Mind?

I’m not local to the area.

Our leaders will do whatever they can to support you by providing flexible schedules, tools for carpooling and other resources.

I don’t want to leave the residents I currently support.

Our promise to you is that you will quickly form meaningful bonds when you become part of Christian Living Communities.  “ When I first came, everything was new, and I was nervous. I was paired with a resident who wanted to see me succeed. I instantly felt connected to this community and the residents.” – Becky Stouder, Community Life Assistant

I’ve never worked in senior living.

Senior living at Christian Living Communities is a place where every job has meaning and purpose. Having a job that rewards and enriches on a daily basis is a bonus not to be overlooked!

Stop imagining your dream job and go get it! MAKE MY DREAM JOB HAPPEN