Someren Glen’s new Transitional Care Neighborhood is open to serve

Senior Living  |  February 14, 2018


Someren Glen’s Transitional Care Neighborhood Has Appeared in the News

This is an excerpt from a story written by Maggie Flynn that appeared in Skilled Nursing News.

Citing increasing demand, a Denver continuing care retirement community (CCRC) recently opened a high-end rehabilitation center.

Christian Living Communities, a not-for-profit that owns and manages senior living services and communities in the metropolitan Denver area, added the Someren Glen Transitional Care Neighborhood early this month.

The center includes 18 private suites and an entry that is separate from the rest of the retirement community. Amenities include a personal system for customized therapeutic music, mini-fridges in all suites, and turndown service.

The goal is to provide a hotel-like atmosphere, the operator said in a statement announcing the opening — an aesthetic that’s on the rise in the skilled nursing world, particularly in the post-acute rehab space.

The facility’s rehab and skilled nursing services include orthopedic surgery recovery, cardiac care, stroke and neurologic injury recovery, and wound care. A seven-member therapy team offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy on-site.

You can read the full story on the website.

This is an excerpt from a story written by Ellis Arnold that appeared in the Highlands Ranch Herald.

When Faye Johnson fell and fractured her femur and part of her hip, her phone wasn’t near her in her home. She struggled to use her fingers to reach her husband’s cane, and eventually, a neighbor heard her using it to bang on a door.

After that harrowing experience, Johnson, 85, underwent 18 days of rehabilitation at a health-care provider and one more month of rehab at the Someren Glen retirement community in Centennial, where she began living in winter 2016.

“Everybody that took care of me was nice to me,” said Johnson, who lived in Centennial before coming to Someren Glen. When “they see me, they give me a hug, and I can hardly wait to give them a hug. They’re the best.”

“It’s like heaven — it’s gorgeous,” Johnson said. If “you had to go and be in rehab, this would be the place I suggest.”

You can read the full story on the website.

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