Learn more about Christian Living Communities’ Medicare Advantage plan created just for CLC residents called Perennial Advantage. Perennial offers three different plans. Brand new for 2023 is the Freedom (HMO) plan for any resident living in one of CLC’s Arapahoe County communities – Holly Creek and Someren Glen – and who live in Residential Living neighborhoods. We hope to be able to offer this plan in Denver County in 2024. Watch this a special CMS-approved recording to learn more about all three plans from a CMS-approved plan representative.


Perennial Advantage logoSince 2020, Christian Living Communities (CLC) has been an owner of the Perennial Advantage plan. We want to extend the continuum of services and care offered to people who chose to make a CLC community their home. By having our own Medicare Advantage plan, along with in-community health clinics, we can offer a higher level of coordinated care.

In addition to the new Freedom plan, we are excited to announce enriched benefits for our existing plans. The Perennial Advantage Concierge plan is for residents with specific chronic health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. The Perennial Advantage Strive plan is just for those Medicare beneficiaries who meet the long-term care requirements. Both of these plans are available to residents of Clermont Park, Holly Creek, and Someren Glen.

Who can I contact to talk about the Perennial Advantage Plans?

You can always talk to our community Executive Director. We also have two main Perennial Advantage Plan Specialists who can share more information with you:

Lizzy Kneller, PerennialLizzy Kneller




David Clark, PerennialDavid Clark




Additionally, you can always read more about the 2023 plan at perennialadvantage.com.

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