Gratitude and Grace in the Face of COVID-19

Community Happenings  |  May 12, 2020

Thank You to CLC-Cappella Team Members, Partners, and Friends for your support during this unprecedented time.

Traditionally, May is a month of celebrations and graduations. In the senior living industry, May is the month we recognize nurses and those living and working in skilled nursing home communities. This year we are finding creative ways to celebrate during a global pandemic. The challenges senior living communities face while caring for the most vulnerable are unprecedented and it has been a team effort.

We are grateful for the nurses and health care professionals in our communities who are keeping everyone safe and healthy. This is a perilous time for team members, yet their passion for serving seniors is unwavering. Our entire Clinical team, CNAs, Life Enrichment teams, Duet Dining staff, Business Office teams, Marketing and Sales teams, Administrative Support staff, Life Enrichment team members, Maintenance team, Chaplains, Social Workers, Health Information Directors and Clinical Liaisons, those working in Environmental Services and Transportation, continue to create a caring atmosphere for residents and commitment to the team. It is inspiring.

In addition, our partners, friends, family members, and the community at large have sent messages of support and much needed supplies. Volunteers have drawn chalk-art messages, painted beautiful artwork on windows, and supplied snacks, sent cards, flowers, and prayers. We are grateful for your generosity and kindness.

Thank You to All Who Have Donated Vital PPE

We want to take this opportunity to thank all who have donated much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to our communities so far. These individuals and organizations have come to our aid out of the goodness of their hearts – truly, they are lifesavers.

NexCore Group
RTO Auto Supply
The Sharpest Ride
Dave Dookeeram
Centura Health
Dispatch Health
Pinkard Construction
Inworks CU Denver
Kevin Stromberg
Yeti Cycles
Days for Girls
Angela Green-Urbaczewski
Chris Miller
Project Cure
Bellco Credit Union
Kindra Construction
United Launch Alliance
Sophie Scwedland
Nikole Montgomery
Natalie Johnson
Rachel Brand
Jennifer Eckhardt
Lu Mahan
Marcia Anema
Sewa International
River Ranch Capital
Eaton Senior Communities Inc.
Amy Dore
Tattered Cover Book Store
Goggles for Docs
Kathy Swezy
Sharon Hart-Palmer
Kayleen Gibson
Nathalie Knopp
Katie Todd
Camille Burke
Jill Vitale-Aussem
Anna Gorka
Anita Johnson
Jan Roth
Ellen Parish

Thank you to our home office staff who is tracking, sorting, hunting down, and following up on leads for this scarce and vital resource. There is a national shortage of PPE and we continue to seek sources for PPE to protect team members and residents. If you can help, please contact us at

Hear more about this critical need from Nathalie Knopp, RN, BSN, who is heading up this effort!

Want to speak with a member of our team to see how CLC can help meet your needs?

Hear What Our Residents Say


"I made some good friends after moving to Clermont Park. My family loves it. They have also met a lot of good people here."

- Georgia Bell, Resident

Al Binford

"Clermont Park is a great place to live. You can participate as much or as little as you want in community activities. You can meet as many people as you like, and they are generally open, so I’ve made a lot of friends in the short time I’ve been here. "

- Al Binford, Resident

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