Vaccine Update: Multiple CLC Communities have COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics Scheduled

We are thrilled to announce that multiple CLC communities have clinics scheduled to administer the vaccine to residents and team members. We anticipate more will be scheduled in the coming weeks. For specific information, visit the community websites. In the meantime we must continue to wash hands, wear masks and maintain social distancing until COVID is under control.

This Frequently Asked Questions document is intended to give information to residents, families, team members, and the general community regarding the status of rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine in our communities. Information is changing daily. There are times the federal directive and state directives are different. Christian Living Communities (CLC) – Cappella Living Solutions is committed to provide accurate information as timely as possible. This document will be updated and available as changes warrant. For vaccine specific information we request the CDC documents be shared.


  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has prioritized older adults and people working in Long-Term Care to be part of the first-tier to receive the vaccine. Will my loved one’s Community be included?
    1. All CLC-Cappella communities are registered with the Pharmacy Partnership for Long Term Care Initiative to be part of the vaccine’s first-tier distribution. At the moment, we believe this will include team members and residents of skilled nursing and assisted living communities. We are waiting to hear if residential (independent) living residents/team members will also be included in the first-tier distribution.


  • Where does the vaccine approval currently stand?
    1. Now that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been approved, the federal government has begun distribution to the states for inoculations. Each state will then set a state-specific timeline and process for vaccine distribution and administration. We anticipate all of the states we support will follow the CDC tier guidelines for prioritizing who will receive the vaccine first, but that has not been firmly confirmed.
  • Once the states get the vaccine, how will it be distributed to Long-Term Care?
    1. These are some of the details still being worked out. At this point, because all of our communities are registered in the federal pharmacy partnership, we will receive the vaccine through either CVS or Walgreens pharmacy or both. Pharmacy teams  have already begun setting dates for vaccine clinics in our communities to administer the vaccines to residents, and our clinical teams. We are awaiting more details regarding team member vaccination.


  • How will the vaccine be rolled out in our Community?
    1. We will begin by educating residents, families, and team members. The CDC has provided some information sheets that will be distributed and posted on websites to answer questions specifically around vaccine development, safety, and why getting the vaccine is beneficial. We will work with our assigned pharmacy, who will store, distribute, administered the vaccine. We anticipate the pharmacy will set up clinic dates and times for resident vaccinations. The pharmacies will also document and report our vaccine administration progress.


  • Once residents and team members are vaccinated, will restrictions be lifted?
    1. Not immediately, but that is the goal. It will take time for the two-step vaccine process to be fully implemented therefore, we will still need to wear masks, socially distance, and follow clinical protocols until the Community and the surrounding cities and towns reach a majority of people being vaccinated. It takes up to two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine for each person to benefit from its protection.


  • What if my loved one or a team member refuses to be vaccinated?
    1. The CLC-Cappella team is working to determine what options if any, will be offered to those refusing the vaccination. We will share more information when it’s available.


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