Coronavirus Extra Protections Benefiting Older Adults

Health & Wellness  |  March 9, 2020

coronavirus and older adults

As a senior living and care provider, every day we take very seriously our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for residents and team members, while also balancing resident’s individual freedoms. Therefore, when a new outbreak like the COVID-19 Coronavirus occurs, we build upon the already strong virus prevention protocols of our communities. We are aware that anyone over the age of 60 has a higher risk of complications from the virus.  This has prompted us to be even more vigilant in keeping communities safe.

Our approach during this heightened virus season is to remain calm, share the facts, take precautionary measures and continue to enjoy community life as best as possible. A leadership workgroup meets daily to assess the situation, give guidance and provide training so that we are as prepared as possible to identify, treat and eliminate Coronavirus should the need arise. In alignment with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we are limiting, for the near future, visits from large community groups such as school choirs and service organizations. Additionally, we are assessing the risk of all planned excursions with residents in a large group setting, 40 or more people. The CDC highly recommends postponing or not participating in large group gatherings of 40 or more at this time.

Of course, residents have the individual choice to attend a large group gathering.  However, as an organization, we will not transport residents to these types of events in the short-term.

We continue to ask any visitors to our communities to be mindful of the risk of exposure to the virus. We ask them not to enter the building when experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath. Additionally, those who have traveled or been exposed to someone who has traveled to any of the increased precaution countries of China, India, Italy, Iran or South Korea, is asked not to visit the community until being symptom-free for two weeks after travel.

Visitors may be asked a few screening questions when they do visit as an added precaution.  We want to welcome families and visitors while doing what we can to ensure a healthy environment and minimize the risk for everyone.  We appreciate the patience and shared concern of our guests.

We will continue to monitor the progression of this virus and follow all CDC recommendations.  We will conduct on-going training for teams working in the communities, follow our multi-disciplinary prevention protocols and build out our response should we have a confirmed Coronavirus case.  It is very important to us that residents feel safe, stay calm and have the opportunity to continue to enjoy their lives.

These extra steps, coupled with the extensive infection control cleanings, vigilant assessment for potential exposure and infection, and access to professional support in keeping well, or recovering from illness; are the added benefits of living in a senior living community for the older adults we serve. Learn more about Christian Living Communities Coronavirus Preparedness.

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