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Health & Wellness  |  December 20, 2021

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Vaccines Help Against Variants

We are thrilled to share that 91% of residents and 83% of team members across the 22 Christian Living Communities (CLC) – Cappella Living Solutions (Cappella) communities we support have received the two-dose vaccine to protect against COVID-19.

We know that fully vaccinated people are ten times less likely to become hospitalized when infected with the virus according to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) earlier this fall. Therefore, we continue to encourage everyone to please become immunized against the COVID-19 virus. We are working to ensure more residents and team members are fully vaccinated and those already immunized receive the booster.

In the United States, everyone 18 years and older is approved and encouraged to get the booster shot. It is expected that soon, having received both the two-dose series and the booster is what will be required by regulatory agencies such as CDC and CMS to be considered fully immunized.

The COVID-19 virus has mutated and created what is known as variants, most notably Delta and Omicron. The vaccines are combating the severe side effects of these variants, but, just like the flu, the vaccines are not a guarantee that you will not be infected by the virus, but the vaccine helps you be less sick.

Many of our communities must continue with mask wearing and virus monitoring and mitigation efforts even with our high vaccination rates due to these variants.

“COVID-19 Vaccine Facts vs. Myths” Facebook Live Event

All of the COVID and Vaccine information can be confusing. On December 15th, CLC-Cappella’s President and CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem hosted a Facebook live event with two of our clinical experts, CLC Medical Director Dr. Erick Gomer, MD, and VP of Clinical and Compliance, Pat McBride, RN, BSN, MSN on Wednesday, during which they separated out the facts and fiction about the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccines, and boosters, and shared what we are doing in our communities to balance health and happiness this holiday season.

We encourage everyone to get the vaccine and, when appropriate, the booster

Right now, it is still recommended that people receive the booster six months after their second dose of the vaccine. Scientists continue to evaluate the best frequency for each vaccine.

Safety is top priority not only for our community but also for all of the scientists and health experts working on the vaccination effort. Like any vaccine, there may be minor side effects such as soreness, achiness, and potentially low-grade fever. A small number of people experience more serious side effects, but the percentages are low and typically related to a history of anaphylactic allergic reactions. Please take the time to learn more.

The vaccine is free. Insurance may be charged for supplies and administration of the vaccine. If you do not have insurance, you will not be charged.

Great news, but we’re not out of the woods yet

News of the vaccines’ effectiveness against the new variants of the COVID-19 virus is very exciting, however, the pandemic is not over yet. It is important to continue to follow public safety guidelines including physical distancing, frequent handwashing, limiting large group gatherings, being mindful about travel and mask wearing in areas of high infection rates.

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"I made some good friends after moving to Clermont Park. My family loves it. They have also met a lot of good people here."

- Georgia Bell, Resident

Al Binford

"Clermont Park is a great place to live. You can participate as much or as little as you want in community activities. You can meet as many people as you like, and they are generally open, so I’ve made a lot of friends in the short time I’ve been here. "

- Al Binford, Resident

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