Christian Living Communities In the News

In the News  |  March 20, 2023

Christian Living Communities In the News

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President & CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem Discusses the Future of Senior Living with Senior Housing News

March 20, 2023

Christian Living Communities President & CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem recently sat down with Tim Regan of Senior Housing News as a part of the SHN Talks series. Jill and Tim had an in-depth discussion about the goings-on at CLC as an organization and within communities, and what’s next for senior living. From staffing, team member retention, and cost increases to values-based care, creating organizations and communities that foster belonging, and a future of possibilities for improving care through tech and AI, they covered the gamut!

The full interview can be found at

McKnight’s Senior Living Features CLC’s Mentorship Program & Partnership with State of Wisconsin

January 13, 2023

National senior living publication McKnight’s Senior Living recently highlighted CLC’s signature clinical mentorship program, which will be extended to nearly 3,000 clinical team members in Wisconsin nursing homes by July 2024.  Read the feature from McKnight’s to learn more about CLC’s mentorship program and partnership with the state of Wisconsin.


Jill Vitale-Aussem Talks with the Mavericks of Senior Living About Aging at Home

December 21, 2022

Last month, CLC President & CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem spoke with Katherine Wells and Francis LeGasse of Mavericks of Senior Living as a part of their Myth-Busting series. While aging at home may be the best option for some older adults, Jill, Katherine, and Francis discuss some of its risks and how, for many, choosing a senior living community can help them find new independence, social connection, well-being, and meaning in older adulthood. Listen to their full conversation below. 


10.24.22 – Jill Vitale-Aussem Shares Her Experiences Embracing Gray with McKnight’s Senior Living

In a recent two-part article by Lois A. Bowers for McKnight’s Senior Living, President & CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem, along with Kimberly Lody, former President & CEO of Sonida Senior Living, shares about her decision to embrace her gray hair.

In part 1,”Giving gray hair the green light,” Jill discusses some of the introspection that led her to decision to “go gray” and how this shift has positively impacted her life and work.

In part 2, “Deciding whether to ditch the dye? Leaders share do’s for your ’do,” Jill lends her insights and experiences to other women considering embracing their natural hair color. From digging into her own apprehensions about taking this step, surrounding herself with a supportive group, to the logistics of moving away from dye, Jill encourages others to feel empowered on their own journeys!

9.6.22 – McKnight’s Senior Living Features CLC-Cappella’s Walk Across America Challenge

Earlier this summer, residents, team members, and family members of CLC-Cappella communities set out on a mission to Walk Across America by logging enough miles of exercise in and around their communities to cover the distance between New York City and San Diego in 30 days. Participants joined together as community teams in a lighthearted competition to see which team could reach San Diego first, log the most total miles, and come up with the most creative team name.

The Walk Across America Challenge was part of CLC-Cappella’s We!lness Program, which centers around incorporating five pillars of wellness – social, intellectual, physical, purposeful, and spiritual – into one’s daily life. “The goal was to encourage residents, associates and family members to be more active,” said Patrick Shelton, CLC Wellness Programs Developer, who developed the competition. “Over the weeks, I noticed a pattern of increased miles each week to the next, which is exactly what I wanted to see. People started with a doable amount and then ramped up their activity over time, which is super good for health on many levels.”

Read which communities logged the most miles and the whopping total distance covered among all participants in the full feature from McKnight’s Senior Living.

6.10.22 – McKnight’s Highlights How CLC’s Health Tech Has Improved Quality of Care

Jayne Keller, Chief Operations Officer at Christian Living Communities, spoke on a panel at the Collaborative Care Tech Summit earlier this week, discussing how health IT solutions can reduce team members’ burdens, drive efficiencies and improve outcomes. Jayne shared the compelling results of implementing scales and vital sign machines that integrate with our electronic health records system. By greatly reducing the time spent taking vitals, this technology has allowed team members more time to care for residents.

McKnight’s Senior Living wrote a piece highlighting Jayne’s presentation and CLC’s outcomes. Read the full article here

5.18.22 – Industry Organizations Recognize CLC’s 50 Years Serving Older Adults

Christian Living Communities celebrates 50 years

We are honored to share the article by McKnight’s Senior Living celebrating Christian Living Communities 50th anniversary.  We are proud of the advancements we have pioneered in Senior Living and look forward to the innovations to come in the next.

Read the whole article here.

The South Metro Denver Chamber also shared the story of Christian Living Communities founding and how our organization continues to evolve while honoring our founding principles.

Read the full article here.

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- Al Binford, Resident

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