Same boss at Christian Living Communities

Everyone Has the Same Boss

Residents and Clients drive the culture – they are the bosses. You will partner with amazing people to create thriving communities, erase aging stereotypes and rethink the possibilities of growing older. The older adults we serve often want to serve us, supporting our team members with encouraging words, funding scholarships and an expectation of shared experiences.

No Performance Appraisals

Everybody hates them and we don’t think they’re very motivational. We do something different, we look forward – not backward and you drive the conversation, not your manager. 

  • Touch Points – intentional connection during your first year including manager conversations, cash incentives and personal notes from residents
  • Gifts & Growth – a continual process to develop and grow your special talents
Excitement at Christian Living Communities
Perks at Christian Living Communities

Great Benefits and Some Really Cool Perks!

The basics are covered, health, dental and retirement savings which make up most benefits plans. But we also offer wellness programs that get this, earn you discounts on your insurance! Click here to see it all spelled out.

Additionally some not-so-traditional perks. . . .

  • You can apply to our Student Loan Reduction Program
  • The possibility of non-traditional schedules
  • We have a robust employee scholarship program to help you grow
  • Our nursing and CNA team members will have a dedicated mentor to help navigate the complexities of the clinical work world
  • You will have access to practical support resources for when times get tough
Check Out Our Cool Perks

CLC’s innovative LOOP app connects team members like nothing else! We are the first company in retirement living to use this innovative app. You can connect to team members around fun happenings, congratulate a friend or find out who’s going to the office on a snow day.

Loop app at Christian Living Communities