Our Values and the Culture of We!

Organizational values determine the importance of something or the actions we should take to guide how we behave, work, and live within our communities.

We created Action Value Statements to support our community programs and culture. These We! values are what unites us as a dedicated team together striving for our vision of creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

We! Values

We! Embrace the Possibilities

  • We are passionate about innovation, always finding new ways to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.
  • We live out true servant leadership, with integrity we inspire others to achieve the greater vision.

We! Care for Each Other

  • We foster whole-person wellness by encouraging and practicing positive work-life balance, and developing resources to help team members thrive!
  • We build relationships characterized by compassionate listening, genuine understanding, and unconditional love

We! Celebrate

  • We know that gratitude is central to the health and wholeness
    of each person, so we look for opportunities to respectfully say “thank you.”
  • We believe that by honoring and celebrating our diversity we create unity.


What do the Bolder Words Mean?

The words in bold are the original six organizational core values. They are still very much a part of who we are. We simply created these action value statements to encapsulate the intention behind or core values and to give everyone three, easy to remember, easy to define action value statement to easily guide what we do and for a shared “language” as we build our culture of We! inclusive of residents, families, volunteers, supporters and really anyone who cares about older adults!

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