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Together We! Thrive: Connecting with Community, Relationships, Meaningful Conversation & Fun

Mar 9, 2021 2:30 pm -     Add to Calendar >

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Find yourself sick of discussing the COVID and need some ideas to spark meaningful conversation and deepen relationships with people in your life? Feeling alone and need some new ways to connect and engage with the community. Feeling down and need some motivation to find opportunities to laugh, play and connect with the people in your life, even if at a distance? Join us to discuss how to uplift your spirits by building new relationships, deepening old ones, and finding time for fun!

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Hear What Our Residents Say


"I made some good friends after moving to Clermont Park. My family loves it. They have also met a lot of good people here."

- Georgia Bell, Resident

Al Binford

"Clermont Park is a great place to live. You can participate as much or as little as you want in community activities. You can meet as many people as you like, and they are generally open, so I’ve made a lot of friends in the short time I’ve been here. "

- Al Binford, Resident

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