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About Us

Our Philosophy of Service & Care

Christian Living Communities has a rich history of providing engaging retirement lifestyles and quality, dignified care for older adults and their families. Our first community opened its doors in 1972. Today, we provide senior living across a full spectrum of living options and care services, including in-home care services. Our communities are designed to meet older adults on their aging journey and partner with them for a successful and fulfilling experience – to re-fire living.

Our board of directors, staff and volunteers fulfill our mission by providing an engaging and caring environment where residents enjoy friendships, spiritual and emotional support, and meaningful activities and purpose. Dedicated to healthy, affordable and ethical aging services, Christian Living Communities is an active participant in regional and national organizations, including LeadingAge.

Our Vision

Creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

Our Mission

Christian Living Communities enriches the quality and dignity of life for older adults through services and care that reflect Christian love, respect, and compassion toward each individual.

Our Values

Christian Living Communities maintains faith-based core values, welcoming people of all beliefs. These values guide our actions, the standards we live by and the way we treat people. Love, Compassion, Respect, Leadership, Unity and Integrity.

Interested For My Parent

Christian Living Communities has made it easier to have conversations about adult community living, what to expect and more with our downloadable guides.

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Interested For Myself

There is so much to think about and answer when considering additional support and care for yourself. Christian Living Communities provides answers to some of your questions when deciding if adult community living is right for you.

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Christian Living Communities believes in complete financial transparency, and therefore makes our financial statements available to view or download here.

See What Our Residents Have to Say

"I made some good friends after moving to Clermont Park. My family loves it. They have also met a lot of good people here."

- Georgia Bell, Resident

Al Binford

"Clermont Park is a great place to live. You can participate as much or as little as you want in community activities. You can meet as many people as you like, and they are generally open, so I’ve made a lot of friends in the short time I’ve been here. "

- Al Binford, Resident